I began working with Lucy when I decided to look for a new position after working at one job for over 20 years. I knew I’d be rusty at job hunting, and I was nervous about making a move. Lucy provided the practical help I needed, and more importantly she encouraged me to identify and value the skills I had gained during those years, both at my job and outside of it. Now, at the end of our time together, I feel confident about my next move and knowledgeable about how to stay sharp in career advancement in the future.”

E.S., Salem

As a young professional who was finally ready to explore if I really wanted to make a major career change, I sought out working with Lucy. After 9 sessions, I left with a clear understanding of my strengths, skills, the exact characteristics I wanted from my job/career/ life, and the foundation of a realistic plan to make a major career change! On top of all that, I also left with several new and tremendously helpful habits that I continue to practice daily in both my personal and professional life.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lucy’s approach with me, which was a flexible mix of both life and career coaching. Each session is what you want it to be; you are in the driver’s seat! And while I expected our sessions to be mostly career focused, the life-coaching aspects unexpectedly helped me through an extremely dark and difficult patch of real-life work struggles, and provided me with practical, helpful, and sustainable practices and thought patterns. Lucy has such a well-balanced style of being simultaneously firm and direct while also gentle and comforting; I was held accountable and challenged all while feeling completely supported, cared for, and safe.

If you have any doubts, just book an initial session with Lucy – you will not be disappointed!”

C.M., Chelsea

If you want to move forward in your work or your life, you should hire Lucy Meadows as your guide and coach.  When I began working with Lucy, I knew that I needed concrete tools to approach my job search differently.   She provided these every step of the way to help me assess and define my interests and skills. These concrete tools and outcomes are exactly what I hoped to find. 

What I did not expect is that as she coached me week to week, I felt a growing sense of self-confidence and started to think differently about myself and most importantly, how I wanted work to fit into my life.  Lucy’s observations led me to realize that I have the skills and experience to forge a new path for myself that should better provide for my family while allowing me the career ladders that were missing in my former line of work.

Lucy will take you wherever you need to go!”

Ann R., Sharon

Working with Lucy as a career coach gave me invaluable tools and insights that will continually add value in my personal and professional life. As a junior-level professional, I struggled with confidence in my current job as well as in figuring out where I wanted to be and how to get there. Lucy met me where I was and provided me with support that was both positive and practical. She gave me effective techniques and best practices that shored up my self-confidence and recentered my professional identity on a positive foundation. With the help of Lucy’s coaching, I was able to find a job I am truly excited about that fits in with my career goals.”

A.M., Boston

My work with Lucy really made think about deeply about what was missing and what I really wanted in my next role from many aspects. She listened with a completely open mind, suggested creative solutions, and patiently helped me map various scenarios. She’s an awesome sounding board!”

Elizabeth R., Boston

Lucy has been an invaluable resource during a transition in my career.  She has helped me to name what skills I have to offer, step out of my comfort zone, and change my mindset.  She has also offered honest non-judgemental feedback making it easy to trust her advice. I feel confident about the next steps I will take and would highly recommend her as a coach.” 

Ben F., Ashland

Lucy helped me work through a pivotal career moment when I felt frustrated, confused, and exposed. Through her gentle questioning and thoughtful responses, she helped me develop a framework that put me back in the driver’s seat. Her encouragement gave me the accountability and positive energy I needed to move from logical step to logical step. I had never worked with a coach before and was afraid I might have a cookie-cutter experience, but Lucy was highly attuned to what I as an individual needed. I enthusiastically recommend her.”


It has been tremendous to work with Lucy as my career coach. I arrived with the hope of clearly identifying my skills, strengths, weaknesses, and future goals, and sharpening my resume. Lucy helped me work through this process by asking a lot of targeted questions and suggesting resources. I have really appreciated the holistic approach she bring to the conversation, encouraging me to explore internal obstacles, discover what brings me joy, and answer the question of “what’s next.” My work with Lucy has been like therapy for my career!”

Elisabeth Nuboer

Lucy is great to work with, and I would highly recommend her! I was really in a rut and felt lost making the decision of, “What’s next?” Especially when it came to my career. Not only was she able to help guide me in the right direction, she also provided me with the tactical steps of getting where I wanted to go. Her positivity throughout the process was a blessing and something I really needed. Lucy is the best, and I know I would not have been as successful without her!”

Rachel Macasek

I highly recommend Lucy as a career coach. It was a pleasure working with her. She helped me to identify my career focus by asking me critical questions to spur my thinking and worked with me on developing concrete action steps to move my job search forward. She also provided technical support with my resume and my LinkedIn profile. Lucy is very knowledgeable about career coaching and is easy to work with. Thanks so much for your help Lucy!”

C.L., Newton

Working with Lucy was a wonderful experience. Under her guidance, I reflected on my interests to better determine what brings me joy, and how to incorporate that into both my professional and personal lives. Using techniques that she taught me, I now take a bird’s eye view of my life to recenter myself and determine what is really important. I frequently think back to the ‘big picture’ view to help make decisions. Lucy’s positivity and zeal for helping her clients had me looking forward to each session.″

B.B., Cambridge

Lucy’s work with me began when I was quite discouraged and didn’t have a clue what to do next with my life. Her questions helped me to focus, to set realistic goals, and to make incredible progress getting my small business off the ground. She has a lightness about her that helped me open up to her, and through her, to myself. We did great work together.″

M.S., Concord

In just a few months, Lucy brought me a huge distance in my job search.  Her enthusiastic support, very practical suggestions, and out-of-the box thinking helped me be accountable to myself.  Lucy is also a warm and nurturing person with wonderful people skills who helped me change the way I saw myself.  I can’t recommend Lucy more highly.”

D.H., Belmont

Lucy is an excellent coach. In working with Lucy, I loved making progress and changing things that mattered to me. I learned that change was possible and within reach; I’m leaving behind many habits that I didn’t like. I loved learning to see and identify internal obstacles, and to confront/work around them. I’m celebrating that I’ve learned to listen to my inner wisdom.″

H.A., Cambridge

Working with Lucy Meadows changed both my work life and my personal life.  If you want your life to be better balanced, Lucy’s your coach. Lucy helped me learn to live in the moment, relax, and enjoy my personal life more. I learned how to talk with my employees more productively and manage my workload more efficiently. Lucy is understanding and calm and tells you the truth. I recommend her highly.

J.G., Medford

Working with Lucy Meadows as a coach is a pleasure and a gift. She helps me see what excites me and opens up possibilities with simple questions. I map out concrete steps, test their feasibility and then consider what has been accomplished, while receiving honest and supportive feedback. Lucy’s combination of candor, experience, expertise and reflection makes her an effective coach who is fun to work with. I recommend her heartily.″

L.W., Boston

My coaching work with Lucy has been a joy and a source of continuous revelation. Her wisdom, her warmth and humor, her insightful questions and her gentle prodding have encouraged me to challenge myself, to probe important questions and to become more fearless. I appreciate her willingness to modify her approach to meet my needs. She has a strong ability to listen deeply, to ask important questions, to remain focused on key issues and to be both encouraging and challenging. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to work with her.″

K.K., Boston

Coaching with Lucy has been nothing short of transformational for me personally as well as professionally. She asks challenging questions; she encourages me to stay focused and positive; she really listens to what I’m saying and gives me the space to say it, then helps get at what’s going on behind the words.″

E.M., Somerville

Lucy Meadows is an extraordinarily gifted life coach who, in minutes, stimulated a small class to hone in on the topics we want to change in our lives. She did this with tact but also conveyed the idea that these are serious issues that require real dedication. I found her approach completely appropriate for intelligent adults who need, every once in a while, to rethink their priorities and to make commitments. The process is both enjoyable and necessary.″

Bill Brisk, Attorney, Newton