How Coaching Works/Fees

How does Career and Life Coaching work?

These days I coach by Zoom. We will meet 3 times a month for 50 minutes, plus email support. After 3 months, the frequency is whatever you want.

I ask clients to commit to 3 months of coaching, because change can take time. I want to work with clients who are ready to put time and energy into the coaching. I also offer a one-time Clarity Session.

For fee information see my sliding scale below.

Please note that I coach mainly during regular office hours.

Contact me for a free consultation. We’ll talk about your situation and how you can move forward, and we’ll see if my coaching sounds like a good fit for you.

How long does coaching take?

While my clients often see changes rather quickly, lasting change can take time. Some clients feel complete after 3 to 6 months of coaching. Others want to continue making changes and they coach with me for longer.

Who are my clients?

They’re mostly people in their late 20s-40s who want more out of career and life, want to make the world a better place, and are ready to make progress. While most of my clients are women, I also coach men, and I also coach people further along in their careers.

What does it cost?

My fees are on a sliding scale based on total annual household income of the person/s paying for the coaching.

I offer my coaching as an initial three-month package of 3 sessions per month. After three months the frequency is up to you.

Here’s the sliding scale:

*This is the household income of whoever is paying for the coaching.

I’d like to know more. What next?

Start with a free consultation.  Get in touch!

I also offer one-time Clarity Sessions–here’s more information.